Speed up your business computers for $199+GST

A Special Offer for 'First-time' Customers

To qualify you must mention this Promotion when you first call! 

Are your computers running slower than they used to? If your business computers are causing you or other team members regular problems, we can help.

Take advantage of Solve I.T's First-time Customer Promotion and get rid of the frustration and costly down-time associated with slow or under-performing computers.

Introducing the Solve I.T $199+GST Computer WOF Check & Tune Up
for Businesses with 5 computers or more

We’ll give 5 of your Business Computers a $199 + GST WOF Check and Tune-Up guaranteed to increase their speed and reduce unnecessary waiting, downtime and the frustration that slow computers cause. Put simply, they'll be snappy to use and you'll be up-to-speed and fully operational once again!

Your productivity will certainly increase and we can often increase the available space on the computer's hard-drive too. This means a longer life for your computers before they'll need upgrading and that'll save the business money.

Call us now on 0800 218 218 or email us to take advantage of this offer.

Why are we giving you all this value for just $199 + GST? (worth at least $79 + GST per computer) Quite simply, it is proven that people in general feel more confident calling someone who they have already met and whose service they have experienced. At Solve I.T we not only focus on delivering a top level of expertise but also on providing a very personalised style of service. We feel confident you will then be more inclined to want to call us back time and again when you need I.T advice or help with any computer, server or network issue. So, to us it makes sense to give a taste of our service to as many business owners, management and staff as we can.

To register for your free 'Computer Check & Tune Up' simply email us, type 'TUNE UP' in the subject line and type your company name, your name and contact details in the body of your email. Alternatively you can certainly call and talk to one of our friendly team on 0800 218 218.

Promotion details
Businesses with 5 - 75 computers?

The $199 + GST 'WOF Check & Tune up' promotion is for 5 business computers and just $49 + GST per extra computer tune up (above the first 5). 

Businesses with 1 - 4 computers?
The 'WOF check and Tune up' service is available to you via our remote service at just $69.00 + GST per computer.

Qualifying conditions

  • The promotion is only for businesses with 5 - 75 computers
  • All 5 computers must be from the same business, at the same location and be serviced on the same day
  • The offer only applies to Auckland businesses however may extend to other North Island branch offices (if you have any)

The offer includes:

  • Removal of unnecessary files as authorized by the user e.g. cookies, any malicious files  that are found and any other (unauthorised) files added when the user has been browsing the Internet
  • configuring the computer software and hardware to run as efficiently as possible
  • testing important software to ensure it is working properly eg.virus protection, anti-spyware advice on remedies for any other existing issues the user is experiencing.
  • tips on how to maintain the computers speed, efficiency and user-friendliness
  • testing the computer's memory levels and other resource's adequacy in relation to the sort of work the computer is required for.

The offer does not include:
- any software installations
- fixing of software bugs
- supply or set up of software or hardware

Resolving these issues will be a separate activity which will attract our standard 'competitive' fees.

Speed up your business computers 

Book your computer WOF Check & Tune Ups today

Email us now, or call us on 0800 218 218  





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