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Internet & Email usage monitoring

Are your office Internet usage costs soaring ? Are you staff busily tapping away at their computers but productivity seems to be reducing ? If this sounds like your office, then perhaps your staff are being distracted by email and internet browsing too much.

With the right monitoring in place you can know exactly who is getting a bit too carried away with these business resources.Once everyone knows the monitoring is in place and that it can be checked at anytime, you will be amazed how little you will actually have to use it.

The value will be in having the system in place. The aim is for the monitoring processes to act as a preventative measure. We have seen it many times where productivity is lifted again and the system that was put in place pays for itself many time over.

We’re also here for you when you want help to set up your email or Internet connections, when you are having trouble with your Internet access or your email tools.

Here’s a list of the main areas we can help:

  • Internet overuse and monitoring
  • Email spam and virus issues
  • Need to set up new email addresses
  • Registering and renewing your website Domain names
  • Email account hosting (keeping your email accounts live)
  • Website hosting (keeping your website live on the Internet)

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