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Offsite back-ups and electronic storage

We can manage the whole back-up process for you and store your information safely off-site and in a fully encrypted state, for optimum safety and security. All your business information will then always be available to you, giving you total peace-of-mind. The big plus is the time savings we can offer and knowing that you’ll never again have to worry about what you’ll do if you lose data due to a fire, a burglary, human error or if your system crashes. You’d simply call Solve I.T. and we’d get you back up and running in no time.

What's the main benefit of using Solve I.T. ?
We all need to back-up our precious business data and Intellectual Property regularly and yet so often it’s put off until later or we have a manual system that is fairly ad-hoc and open to error. That’s understandable; after-all, who wants to fumble around with CD’s and other media on a regular basis and then have to remember to take them off-site once burned or transferred onto an external hard drive? It’s all a bit too much like hard work.

Plus do you have an agreed system or when someone is away?Why not stop the frustration and the need for having to do regular manual back-ups altogether. Your businesses most valuable assets are often stored on your computers electronically. Is it worth taking the risk of losing it all, when a solution can cost less than the cost of a cafe lunch each week? Solve I.T.'s offsite electronic Back-up and storage services are flexible and typically include:

  • Offsite email, main data and business imagery library backups (daily, weekly, monthly or as required)
  • Simple automated backup for remote workers and laptop users
  • Creating & maintaining your Software Master files
  • An up-to-date database of your software assets including their license numbers, all stored off-site.

Stop wasting your time and taking the high risk of forgetting ...

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