Virus's Spam and Security

Viruses, SPAM, Spyware & Security

Protect your business from Viruses, Spam,Spyware and other threats and hassles by taking advantage of our extensive experience in minimising or preventing the risks.

Spyware and Spam aren’t always malicious but the time they waste business people is estimated to cost thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity to businesses.

With a greater number of undesirables intent on using the Internet to gain unauthorized access to valuable and commercially sensitive business information ,it is more important than ever to have the most up-to-date protection in place on your business computers and network systems. It's generally not expensive, however it is sensible to invest in the right security.

That’s where we can advise and help.

Here’s a list of the main areas we can help:

  • Removal of Spyware and any other malicious or unnecessary files stored on your computers
  • Virus checking software installed, configured and updates maintained
  • Virus containment and destruction
  • Audits and investigations for security and system integrity
  • Firewalls installed and maintained

Ensure your systems are up-to-date & effective ...

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