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If you have an issue with your computer, server, network or any other I.T. system problem, or you just want to chat about your IT needs, we can help! Here’s a list of the most common areas where  Solve I.T. people are happy and well qualified to help you:


Computer Trouble Shooting
Viruses, SPAM & Security
I.T. Advice & Expertise I.T. System & Security Audits
Networking & Servers
Computer / I.T System set up
Computer Audit & WOF Service Business / Office Relocations
I.T. Projects Hardware and Software
Multiple Branch Business Services Remote Support
Computer Trouble shooting
Whatever your computer or I.T. problem, our experienced Technicians and Computer Engineers can help you fix it. Often we can fix the problem over the phone (via the Internet) and we’re happy to come out and see you too.

Here’s a list of the main areas where Solve I.T. people can help:

  • The Blue screen of 'death' (but not if you call us in early)
  • Email and Internet issues
  • Computer system crashes and lock-ups.
  • Speed issues (computer is often running too slowly or pausing)
  • System fine-tuning (if it doesn’t work smoothly or respond well)
  • Lost data retrieval

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I.T. Advice & Expertise
Make maximum use of our I.T. experience and expertise to help you achieve your business goals and objectives faster. Whether you have a small issue or a big project, we can help. And our first meeting is often free! After all, we first must gain an understanding of your situation before we can advise you properly. Call us on 0800 218 218 or make contact by email when you're considering any IT moves, from advice through to upgrading your business computer software or hardware tools, we can help. Get specialist advice on the right hardware, software or Network configuration for your particular situation.
If you have your own in-house I.T. person we can offer external input to assist them with solving difficult or new I.T problems. Or we can assist by providing qualified advice to help in making well informed I.T decisions. It's all about making sure your I.T. systems get you the best results. Accessing the depth of experience and expertise available through Solve I.T. offers valuable additional support when needed.

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Networking & Servers
There is a great deal of I.T. know-how and expertise required when selecting, configuring, repairing, managing or maintaining Servers and Networks. Add our I.T. experience to your team and you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll set you up right and keep a constant eye on your business systems to ensure they’re always operating at optimum levels.

Here’s a list of the main areas where Solve I.T. people can help:

  • Your Server has gone down
  • Network trouble-shooting
  • Network Audits, maintenance and fine tuning
  • Planning your Network (for current and future needs)
  • Network set-up incl. source & supply of suitable technology
  • Arranging and over-seeing cabling installation
  • Network server configuration-Optimum performance for all users
  • In-house training in Network / Server use and management
  • Regular Network maintenance checks (remote and on-site)
  • Regular Network System management for optimum efficiency
  • Supply of Servers and software plus loading and configuration
  • Regular Server management incl. reconfiguration where helpful
  • Server trouble-shooting–often done remotely for regular clients
  • Server Audits, maintenance and fine tuning

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I.T. Projects
We can provide I.T. Project Mentoring or manage the full project on your behalf, meaning we would do all the I.T. thinking, planning and co-ordinating for you and keep you informed of progress all the way.

Often a business project will involve adding new hardware or software, changing or moving existing computers, servers, networks and other technology elements such as telephone and data systems. We have experienced I.T project managers who can co-ordinate all the I.T. aspects of your project, for you.

Traps for volunteers (or the volunteered)
This is one of those times when well meaning people often volunteer (or are volunteered) to manage the IT aspects of a project and usually don’t know what they don’t know. The result can be very costly and can have a detrimental effect on the quality and timeliness of the outcome and usually due to inexperience. It's simply not worth the risk, so call us in for an initial discussion (at no charge). Then we can advise you of the time and level of investment required and how we could be of help.

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Here’s some typical projects Solve I.T people manage:

  • Business Relocations.
  • Server consolidations (improving Server system efficiencies) and upgrading.
  • Transition to new technologies.
  • Establishing Remote access methods for remote or multiple users and branches.
  • New Business or Branch I.T. set up
I.T. System & Security Audit

In today’s competitive and time-poor business environment it's important to fully protect your information and ensure your computer / I.T. system is giving you the results you want. Overlooking these areas can negatively impact on staff and customer retention, the creation and protection of Intellectual Property and can directly impact your competitive advantage. A periodic I.T. Systems and Security audit will either give you peace of mind or show you an opportunity to improve your current business security and performance through better use of I.T. Either way you win!

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Computer Audit & WOF Service

Most computers are only operating at half their potential speed and efficiency after just one year of use. Changing this situation will often take an experienced Solve I.T. tech less than 30 minutes without adding any more RAM (the memory that you use to run all software and the files you have open) or other software to your computer. Computers are often clogged up with unused or unnecessary files collected unwittingly while browsing the Internet.

An experienced Solve I.T. technician can solve this problem quickly resulting in an increase in your computer’s performance, a lowering of your stress levels and will give you a faster computer that’s a whole lot more pleasant to use. 30 minutes is all it should take!

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Computer / I.T. System Set up

Call us when you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to install and configure your new computers or servers with all the necessary business software, virus protection, SPAM rules, firewalls and so on.

Your time is far better invested in doing what you do well. Trying to save a few pennies short-cutting this process can have dire consequences and will generally result in frustrations for all involved. Life’s too short! Get the best performance possible from your computers and I.T. systems and make them a real pleasure to use.

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Business / Office Relocations

Dismantling, moving and re setting up a number of computers or a full network of servers and work-stations is not a job for the faint hearted. Making a physical move is often a good time to have a specialist computer / I.T person come in and double check that there isn’t a better or more cost effective way to run areas of your business using technology. Buying an hour or two of our time is always a prudent investment. And if you need help with the physical set-up of your I.T. systems we’ll naturally be only too pleased to take care of that for you too.

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Hardware and Software

We can help you choose the right software and hardware. Getting the correct mix for your unique needs generally takes a lot of research and if you don’t have a high level of ‘current’ knowledge it can be a little confusing, very time consuming and mistakes can easily be made. Because we do it every day we can speed up the process considerably, often saving you from over-spending on unnecessary or ill-suited technology. When we’re on your team, you’ll get genuine advice that we would give if we were advising our closest friends. Our reputation relies on it!

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Multiple Branch Business Services

If your business is growing or has a number of branch locations we can help you get the best out of the connections between them.

Here’s some typical ways Solve I.T people help multiple branch businesses:

  • Maintenance Plans. A coordinated and standardized per branch or companywide approach to maintaining the I.T. systems at each branch.
  • Strategic Business Planning Input. We offer qualified input to help you make prudent decisions relating to the right I.T to assist your future business growth needs.
  • Computer Networking from 2-250+ computers. In-house and between branches or laptop to office, we can help !
  • Branch Office Relocation. Full Project Management incl. selection, instruction and co-ordination of all phone, electrical, cabling , computer and other I.T. contractors – saves you and your team increased stress and hassle.
  • New Branch Setup and I.T Planning Advice. Everything I.T. - source, supply, set up and support.
  • Technology source and supply. We can help advise on supply of recognised brands, high quality products that you can rely upon.
  • Offsite backups and storage. For all or selected data, knowledge and Intellectual Property. Up-to-date, safe, secure & available when needed.

Techno Babble

Here’s the I.T. jargon version of what we do, especially for the I.T. folk who prefer we talk their language.

We set up and maintain connectivity of LANs (Local Area Networks), WANs Wide Area Networks), VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks), We offer phone and Internet IT support and data recovery, plus remove malicious spyware and redundant accounts; we also supply, install, and configure new hardware such as servers, computers, printers, hard drives and supply business software applications and other IT stuff right down to power cords and similar.
We also specialize in:

  • Microsoft Server Systems: NT 2000, 2003, 2008, X64, Exchange, ISA
  • Servers, Rack systems, Routers and switches
  • Citrix, Terminal Services and Remote worker solutions
  • VPN's, Internet security and Inter-Branch connectivity
  • Solid and inexpensive Antivirus and Anti-spam solutions for businesses
  • Mobile device mail, data over Internet and Bluetooth
IT Project Management
We have experienced I.T project managers who can co-ordinate all the I.T. aspects of your business project for you and ensure it’s a stress-free experience that does not exceed your budget and that gets you fully up and running in the expected time-frame. Managing I.T. projects is full of tricks for young (inexperienced) players. So be sure to call us if you’ve got a business project coming up that involves adding new hardware or software, changing or moving existing computers, servers, networks and other technology elements such as telephone and data systems.

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Services we don’t offer at Solve I.T.

We may replace, but do not repair all the physical elements of computers such as keyboards, printers, scanners or similar as the cost of repairs is often greater than replacing them with a new item. However on occasions it is worth sending your computer to the manufacturer for repair (especially if still under warranty) rather than replacing the item. If you have a problem and are unsure of the best course of action, feel free to contact us for our thoughts and advice. Call us on 0800 218 218
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