Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans
Solve I.T's flexible maintenance plans are tailored to your specific needs and include an 'All you can eat' feature where all problems are resolved no matter how long they take under the same monthly fee. We're here when you need us – and often before!

If it is important to you that your servers and workstations are always available and running at their best, then we'd suggest that one of our preventative maintenance plans could be ideal for you. As your business grows and changes your I.T resources can easily be updated, reconfigured or adjusted to suit your business size and complexity.

When technology is central to your ability to perform well and to the success of your business, it’s important to have a dedicated and experienced I.T team at your beckon call. Whether you have an I.T. crisis or just want advice, Solve I.T. Computer Technicians and I.T. Engineers will always be ready to jump to your aid to help with your computers, software, servers or networks.

Under our maintenance agreements we work pro-actively with you ‘as if we are part of your in-house team’ providing advice on I.T systems, setup and proactive methods of managing your data and computers and of course, we're always here to solve problems as (or before) they occur.

With a Solve I.T maintenance plan you can get all the benefits of having an in-house IT person without the normal cost. Surely that's a lot more attractive and cost effective for your business.

Interested and want to know more ?
The first step is to call us to arrange a time to meet for 1-2 hours (at no charge) to discuss your situation. From there we will be better able to provide you with tailored Maintenance Plan options to suit your situation.

Having Solve I.T. as your ‘On-Tap’ I.T support team means we’ll always be available to fix any computer or other I.T. issues quick-smart and as your business grows we will then be in a better position to provide you with informed recommendations on the best I.T systems, services and solutions for your situation.

Call 0800 218 218 to arrange a suitable time to meet (no charge).

The services we include in your Maintenance Plan would depend entirely on your current and future needs and would naturally be approved by you as would the fees for those services. You can even choose to have a ceiling placed on our fees but have a ‘virtually unlimited’ level of service available to you for the period of the agreement. That means we stop the clock on our time, but allow you to have as much support as you need, when issues arise, without any further costs to you. We reckon that’s customer focused!
Email us now, or call us on 0800 218 218 to find out more.
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